If you would like hair before your appointment , Please let us know the inches you’re interested in and we can have it ready for you. Payment for your hair is taken prior, so please let me know 1 1/2 weeks before your appointment date to avoid any disappointments.

-Get 15% OFF your final bill at hair appointment, when you purchase 3/4 bundles + Closure or Frontal piece 

-Get £10 OFF on bundles when your purchase only 3 individual bundles 

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Thank you for your interest in HBA hair. We take pride in giving our customers the best. Serving 10 grade hair, in a mixture of styles, I hope there is something here for you. 

Please give yourself 2 1/2 weeks for your order to reach you. We do not stock hair in the salon, so stock is made upon order. All orders will be shipped out on working days (Mon-Fri).

If you booked an appointment with us, then please contact us and let us know, so we can have your hair ready for appointment. 

If you are unsure of anything, or need help in. choosing the right hair for you, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 

LACE GUIDE: Depending your skin tone, please follow the guide below! 

  • Flawless Lace (Ideal for brown/dark skin tones 
  • Transparent (Ideal for fair/light brown skin tones)
  • HD Lace (This is good for ALL skin tones)

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed there will be no amendments. Please make sure you select the correct lengths and type. 

Love HBA “ 

HairByAnais Workplace Guidelines

If you cannot find any childcare, unfortunately we will not be able to service you. The salon space is very limited.

Its a one in one out regime unfortunately. If you arrive early we wont service you until the customer in the chair leave. Please take this into consideration.

Wearing a medical mask is one of the preventive measure to limit spread of certain repiratory diseases, including 2019-nCOV, in affected areas.
If you cannot purchase any we will be selling them for £2.00each 

Washing your hands is essential, you will need to wasg your hands befoore your service is carried out. Handwashing with soap removes germs from hands.

If you have booked an appointment and you happen to feel unwell we are more than happy to reschedule your 14 days after you have fallen ill. Please send us an email or DM were more than happy to assist you.
If you have any worries please visit he NHS website and they will provide you more a specialised assistance.

Follow these guidelines, lets help #StopTheSpreadTogether